Service Pricing


Average concrete pricing ranges from $5-$20 a square foot depending prep work involved, the type of concrete (stamped, colored, etc.), and how easily accessible the work area is.


Varies depending on the mulch used, typically between $1.50-$3.00 per square foot.


Pricing varies depending on yard size, the price per square foot typically goes down for properties that are 1-2 acres in comparison to properties under an acre, this is due to not having to stop and reload/unload etc. after mowing such a small area, this price reduction can be noticed again on properties that are over 2 acres.

  • Small to average yards typically fall in the $50-$75 per service range

  • Large yards $100-$200 per service range

  • $25 minimum per service to cover travel/load and unload time

Commercial property pricing evaluated in person on a case by case basis, please contact for special commercial pricing. 763-496-8402

Paver Brick

On average $17-$22 per square foot


Varies depending on the sod and jobsite.

$1per square foot is a close rough estimate

Retaining Wall

Varies depending on excavation needed and materials used.

Pricing $20-$40 per square foot.


Varies depending on rock selected

$2-$4 per square foot, most rock would fall closer to the $2 per square foot range.